I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner… hummus! I love hummus! I was looking for something to dip carrots in and was tired of the low-fat buttermilk ranch… plus, I’m serious about the vegan thing. I bought a tub of hummus and ate the entire thing with ½ bag of carrots and a few savory rice chips from Trader Joe’s. Then, I looked at the label and realized how many calories!?!?!?! That’s when I decided that I would attempt to make some myself. I don’t think that it can be done with less calories, but at least it will be cheaper.

General nutrition info for store bought hummus:
2 TBS: 80 calories, 6g fat, 2g fiber, 0g sugar

For 8 batches (I am going with 8 since the huge jar of tahini will make at least that much to be used up): tahini 8$, peas 11$, garlic 1.5$, lemon juice 2$, olives 8$. So 30.5 for 8 batches… that’s more than I would have paid for 8 tubs at Walmart. Oh well! It’s about having fun and making it myself, right? Plus, the tahini will last a while in the fridge and I can make flavors other than olive. Since I ended up sleeping all day, I’ll try in the morning when the food processor won’t wake up the whole house!

Speaking of morning, my sis will be here! I think she’ll arrive about 2p. She is bringing my favorite fur-niece Tibbie and my stuff that I keep forgetting to pick up while I’m in Joplin. What are our plans? NOTHING! Ok, a few people are coming for supper on Saturday, we’ll go to church on Sunday, haircuts on Monday and John Kilpatrick on Monday night. That’s about it other than veggin’ on the sofa watching movies and snacking on carrots and hummus!

I finished up the beef jerky today and I have 1 cup of milk left, and a little ranch dip. The canned tuna I’ll make salad with this weekend. I believe that will do it in my pantry for anything meat or dairy. I am trying the vegan/GF/SF thing to be healthy but the benefits of possibly helping one poor animal not suffer also helps me want to do it more. I have looked at and smelled almond milk… ewe. But, since it is only 30 calories and 6g sugar per cup, I thought I would give it a try – I am not sure that I could drink it straight, but it will be good in Chex or Cheerios. I think it will work in GF bread recipes, if I can find one that doesn’t call for sugar. Any suggestions?

I just found a website The vegan sugar free chocolate cake looks good! The almond milk can be used in the frosting, well, I would assume I could replace soy with almond. As I read over the recipe I noticed all the agave that is required… I’d say more than sugar. Is that really a better alternative to raw or refined sugar? The Google says there are benefits but its still sugar and high in calories. I guess I’ll look for recipes with stevia.

As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, my God. Psalm 42:1

Update… I made a batch of hummus with 2 cans of chick peas… it makes a lot! At first it was too thick so I put it back in the food processor and added more olive oil to thin it up. I think that the jar of tahini will make more than I originally thought since it will only take one can of chick peas to get the same amount of hummus as one $3 tub at walmart. So, for 16 batches: tahini 8$, peas 10.88$, garlic 2$, lemon juice 2$, olives 8$. That’s 16 batches for 30.5 which means 1.90 per batch – now, we’re talking! That’s less than WM and better because it’s home made.


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