Saying Goodbye

Tomorrow begins a 20 week mental, physical, and spiritual journey with support from my family, friends, a nutritionist, and personal trainer. More on the details later. For now, I just want to be honest about where I’m starting. This is me. All 304 lbs of me. There, I said it.  

 For the past few weeks, since I made the decision for this lifestyle change, I’ve been eating EVERYTHING without hesitation and gained about 10lbs in the process. I felt like I needed to say ‘Goodbye’ to my food friends so I wouldn’t regret not having ______ one more time. 

My ‘last meal’ this evening was a burger slathered in mayo, onion rings, and Coke from Ruby Tuesday (approx 2000 calories). I was extremely disappointed in the lack of juiciness of the burger. I hadn’t had a Coke in over a year and should have skipped it. The fact of the matter is, the food I love isn’t that good. So why do I love it so much? Something to ponder! 


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