Day 1

Day 1
I woke up this morning not wanting to get out of bed. Food has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember; why get out of bed and function when you’re broken up with your bestie?
I did manage to get up, drink a meal replacement, and head to the gym earlier than normal for a Thursday. I’ve had ITBS issues since the accident and worse since surgery, the past week being nearly unbearable at times. But, I did leg strengthening on the weight machines and got in 10 mins of elliptical before water aerobics. My knee has actually felt pretty good today.
After a shower I went to Sam’s for Skinny Pop – it’s considered a veggie! Are Veggie Straws a veggie??? Anyway, I managed to just eat one single serve bag rather than 6. I made it through my first 3 hours of work without snacking on anything. Usually I’ll graze the junk food in the break-room or eat part of my lunch. I did, however, wonder if I could get away with dipping my apple in PB2 powder. Lunch at 130 was a MR shake, skinny pop, broccoli, and cauliflower. I actually felt sick after eating, maybe it was the 17oz of water that I chugged to wash down the raw broccoli? Snack time at 430 consisted of a MR shake and more carrots and broccoli. I need some seasoning mixes to change it up a bit – yes, day one and I’m sick of the veggies 😦
My head has been foggy all day, I moved slow all day, and needed a nap. When I got home I roasted some veggies w Pam spray, salt, and pepper. I divided up a 12 serving bag of skinny pop into zippy bags and portioned out raw veggies as well. For my last ‘meal’ of the day, I used vanilla MR with banana pudding; I don’t think I added enough water since it turned out like sludge. Well, that’s how I made it through day one. 
4 MR
Too many veggies (approx 7)

0 fruit

1 Tbs pudding powder

68 oz water

20 oz tea 

10 min elliptical, leg machines, 45 min water aerobics, and 9345 steps/4.37 miles. 


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