Day 2

Is it ok to eat an entire jar of pickles if it’s only 65 calories?!? I did not plan or prep well for the 355 mile drive I made today. I woke up late, tossed stuff in a bag, failed at making a MR cake (again!), sped to yoga, and got the heck out of town. I ate 2 bags of skinny pop and 2 cups of broccoli/carrots/cauliflower on the drive 4.5 hour portion of the drive as well as a 44oz soda and 20oz soda. I went to my nephews 8th bday party at Incredible Pizza and paid $7 for the buffet. Oh my goodness! I wanted the pizza and tacos and all the bad stuff that goes along with it. I ate spinach, mushrooms, baby corn, beets, 1/2 baked potato, corn, and green beans with low fat ranch (fat free wasn’t available). When I made it to my sisters at 8p I failed again at making a MR cake but enjoyed the ‘hot pudding’ anyway. At midnight I ate few 5 calorie servings of pickles. No fruit, too many veggies, and missed 2 MR. I’m just too tired to mess with it. My head ached all day but my head isn’t nearly as foggy as yesterday.  


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