Day 6

Yesterday was a bit of a struggle. I had 1/2 day off and spent the time at home watching movies. I had the required 4 MR’s and discovered adding taco season, corn, and rotel to the potato soup (230cals). I didn’t have any fruit, but ate too many veggies – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing except this journey is about getting mindless eating and portion control in check. I do think that SkinnyPop will need to be an emergency-only product for me since it’s too easy to grab a serving and down 150cals without thinking. I ended the day with 1405 calories. Not bad, but 300 over target. If I eat 300 over target everyday, that’s potentially 31lbs I won’t lose over the course of a year. 
I work a full day today. I’m taking pickles and okra for lunch, an apple and clementines so I can get my fruit in, and 2 MR shakes. I’m having dinner out at Ruby Tuesday with a friend (I’ll post about that success next time). Then I’ll make a MR brownie when I get home. 
I seriously thinking about starting back to Crossfit tomorrow. Yikes! I’m a little scared and anxious about it. Having to still modify so much makes me want to skip it so I’m not a distraction to everyone. But, the only way to get over fear is to find courage in prayer. Lord, help me! Get me up in time to spend my morning with You then get to the gym for some Crossfit before work. Please give me the courage to begin and the strength to endure. Amen. 



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