Day 14

I had a headache days 2-3, but that went away. I had been 99% caffeine free for over a year, but splurged on sweet tea in the 2 weeks leading up to beginning this lifestyle change, hence the headache. Today I have a headache, I almost fell asleep in my car while eating lunch, my brain is foggy, my eyes aren’t focusing, I’d love to just lay in the floor and sleep. I’m tempted to get a diet soda from the break room, but I know this isn’t about caffeine. What I would really love is to call my favorite Mexican restaurant, order too much food then pass out in a food fog to try and get some rest. But! I know that ISN’T the answer. So, what I’ll do is take some ibuprofen, stick it out for the next 2 hours of work then go home, fix some roasted veggies, and go to bed early. 


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