Day 20

It was hard to get out of bed this morning. Working late every night doesn’t motivate me to get up early enough for an 8:30 gym class. But, I got up, grumbled the whole time, and did it. I almost didn’t! I decided to do the spin class with my friend Kelly. Less than 2 mins in, I couldn’t take the literal pain in my but. So I left class and decided to walk the track but was stopped by Paula who almost had me talked into going to Crossfit. Then, I talked to Chris who convinced me to go to class. I am not typically the type who needs someone to go with me or talk me into anything, but I needed it today. When I walked in, Paula even said she was glad I was there and that seeing me makes her want to work harder! I did my first deadlift since last June; only 85lbs, but I did it. 

Then comes lunch. I am having a had time this week wanting to stay on plan. I’m to the point where I’d rather not eat than eat another bland plate of veggies. Well, I steamed my Normandy mix for lunch. Go me for thinking ahead and packing Molly McButter and Italian seasoning in my lunch bag. I actually loved the veggies. It amazes me how much flavor 10 calories of fake butter added. I’m looking forward to dinner! 


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