Day 28

Well, today’s weigh-in wasn’t quite what I expected. I know 2.8lbs in a week is excellent, but I was expecting the same 5+ results as the past 2 weeks. I was just a little agitated. My mind told me that I should have eaten that smoked brisket and that I should have gone to that BBQ. I know I did what I was supposed to do the past week but for some reason, my body didn’t get the memo. Sure, I may have gone over 1100 calories 3-4 days last week, but it would have totaled less than 500 calories- not the 10,000+ it would have taken to not lose 3 more lbs. Anyway, I’m keeping my standard and expectations high and praying I won’t let a slow week be as disappointing as today was. My excuses? I’m working out too much so I’m gaining more muscle lbs that I’m losing fat lbs? I’m constipated? PMS?  My current weight is 285.6; 4 weeks total loss 18.4lbs. 



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