Day 46

Well, yesterday was a great day, but… I had a little trouble with food. I went to St Louis to shop and ended up eating grilled chicken. Sure, it could have been worse, but I should have been able to say ‘no.’ And, it didn’t stop there… Both spinach salads I had were topped with feta and nuts – I ate it all! IKEA and Cracker Barrel are not safe zones for me 😥 but I must say that I’m proud I didn’t opt for the meatballs with gravy, French fries, or fried catfish. Still though, it’s been 6+ weeks and I should have been able to pass up the chicken. My excuse??? Want to hear it??? I hadn’t had a meal replacement so I justified the chicken as much needed protein. I ain’t got no excuse for the cheese and nuts. 

Ok, so I did have fun in The Lou. IKEA is always a great place to get a few thousand steps, Gordmans has sugar free flavored syrups for $4 a bottle, and Trader Joe’s is just fantastic. I also drove around downtown to admire the architecture, wave at Busch Stadium, and smile at the Clidesdales at the beer factory. 

I tried some clothes on at Gordman’s. I think their sizes run small. The top is a 2xl in the plus size section. I did fall in love with those shorts but decided to hold off until the end of summer; if I find them again when they’re on sale, I’ll get them. I discovered something important: I look fatter in this outfit than I ever felt 25lbs heavier! 


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