Day 77

Ahhhhh, the highly anticipated yet most dreaded day of my week… weigh-in day. 

Every little bit is a success. However, I can’t seem to get past beating myself up because I could have done more. If I hadn’t eaten that 100 calorie bag of popcorn everyday for the past week that would have been another 700 calories down. That’s 0.2lbs. What if I’d ran that 3 miles like I wanted? Another 0.2lbs. Skipped the avocados? Another 0.2lbs. That’s over 1/2lb. 

So, I need to decide if I’m content with the level of loss I’m experiencing and stop beating myself up for the extra lbs I could have dropped each week OR do I buckle down on my level of calories in/calories out? 

11 week total lbs down: 38

One thought on “Day 77

  1. You will reach your goal regardless of the 100 calorie bag of popcorn, sister! Don’t beat yourself up over what you think is weakness or a failure. Celebrate the fact that you’re eating only one bag! Celebrate that you’re eating an avocado instead of bacon! You have proven to yourself you have the control and you’re maintaining that control. Your snacks are not going to unhinge you, praise the Lord! I’m so proud!

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