Day 79

SCORE!!!! I went to Walmart this morning to do some fresh fruit and veggie price matching. There were some thin cut pork steaks on markdown and I decided that I’d love a BBQ pork steak. I went on the hunt for a low sugar and low calorie BBQ sauce. I found one! 

Then, since I as on the condiment aisle, I was browsing for a jar of kosher dills when sugar free sweet gherkins caught my eye! 

Once home I had to taste both. 

The BBQ sauce isn’t KC Masterpiece, but it is very tasty. I’m excited to grill my pork and bathe it in sugar free BBQ sauce. 

The pickles are a dream come true!!! They are very sweet but don’t have the overly sticky sweet juice of sugar packed gherkins. 

I’m excited about both my finds!!

All this on top of cheap fruits and veggies for a super healthy 4 day weekend in the sun. 


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