Day 86

I took today off with the best intentions. I even went outside my comfort zone to ask a friend to go swimming. Long story short, it didn’t work out. So, my plan was to chill until 11, go to Cape Splash alone, go to the gym at 3, and meet a friend for dinner at 5. Well, I stayed in bed until noon then spent an hour in my closet feeling depressed because my fat clothes look dumpy and the smaller sizes show off too much of my muffin top. I settled on a pair of khaki shorts and a tshirt. To assist my mood, I decided to go to Lane Bryant to try on clothes. I know, I know… How could trying on my clothes possibly help?!? But it did help and I was able to get a new pair of size 20 capris and an 18/20 top on sale + coupon $19.41. 
I also tried on some other items just to be silly.

I also went to Macy’s to try on a dress I had tried on several weeks ago but I couldn’t locate it. So I tried on a bunch of other stuff. Lol. 

Then came dinner. Ruby Tuesday, my old friend. I got the veggie trip with salad bar… Again. Why now since we’re able to have other things? The price. My meal was 10.99. Anything with meat is 13+ and you only get 2 sides. My frugality helped me eat better today! 


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