Day 90

Church on Sunday with Chadand his family at The Orchard in Tupelo was great. I really felt at home there and would drive the 8+ hours every weekend if I had the time and money. I miss feeling that way about my church in Cape. The weekend was exhausting yet reviving. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to reconnect with an old friend. 

My neck and face look so fat-less in this picture. And, no, Chad and I did not plan ahead to both wear coral to church on Sunday! 

I’ve had some trouble with food for the past 4 days. I’ve decided that tomorrow I’m starting back at the beginning with 4 meal replacements, fruits, and veggies only. Obviously 10-12 weeks wasn’t long enough for me to be in control of my eating. I’m certain that I’ve gained weight in the past week with all the junk I’ve eaten; I’ll find out tomorrow morning. 
Something profound occurred to me this morning: I beat myself so much for eating avocados and popcorn. But you know what? I always stayed close to or within my daily calorie budget and I was not tempted to eat off plan. So, when I start back on 4-3-2 tomorrow, I will include 100 calorie packs of avocado and popcorn… At least for the first week so I have that incentive to stay on track. 

I can’t believe how difficult this still is and that some times it feels pointless and other times I feel like I’ve won even if it’s a small victory. I’m praying for more help, accountability, and support on the journey. 


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