Day 106

I am so amazed at my proportionate weight loss. 40 lbs difference in these pics and my gut doesn’t look any different. I can tell when I look at myself so pictures don’t do justice. At last this pic! 

Yesterday’s weigh-in was an expected disappointment. +4.8lbs. Wow. But, I did some math and I’m not convinced it was true weight gain. My BMR is approx 2300 and 3500 is one pound of weight gain. That means I would have had to eat [(2300×7)+(3500×4.8)] 32,900 calories to gain 4.8lbs in 7 days. I may have eaten 21,000, which would have been a gain of 1.4lbs. So, this is why I’m not convinced that the entire 4.8lbs was actually gained weight. Most of it could just be water, but we’ll find out next week at weigh-in. Something else on my mind is exercise. If you know me, you know I’m at the gym or on the trail 4-5 days a week. Last Wednesday my knee started hurting so I’m in the middle of a 2 week rest period. I don’t think it’s helping my knee. It’s most certainly not helping in the fat burning department either. Lord willing, I’ll 100% next week and back at it. Sadly, however, I’ve decided not to run the 5k on July 16th. Even if my knee is feeling back to normal, a 3 mile run after 2 weeks of prescribed rest wouldn’t be good. 

Last nights dinner. About the same calories as 1.5 slices of pizza. 


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