Day 108

I’ve broken up with popcorn. Again. Why is it so difficult to just say, ‘goodbye,’ once and for all? I saw popcorn at the grocery store today and felt like I’d lost a friend. I genuinely feel loss when I think about moving on with my life without popcorn. Should I begin a rebound relationship with carrots? Lol!! Ok ok. I’ll be snack single for a while. After all, I didn’t walk away from my affair with cupcakes many months ago and haven’t looked back. 

I went to a wedding today as a guest of a friend of the mother of the bride. I was a little bummed that we didn’t stay for the reception (aka free food). But, I know I would have eaten too much and probably had a huge slice of cake. 

After the wedding I ran into a girl from my Starting Point class. She said I look amazing and I’m an inspiration. I almost cried. If people only knew the constant struggle I’m in every second of the day. Only God has given me the strength to say NO; I disappoint myself those times I don’t lean on Him for more strength. I WILL be one of the small percentage of people who win the weight loss battle for a lifetime. 


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