Day 128

Friday. Glorious Friday. This has been a difficult week, but it’s flown by. My mental state wasn’t the greatest earlier in the week, but I’m feeling much better now even with a huge blow from my physical therapy appointment on Thursday.

Several weeks ago my left knee started hurting again; so much that it was painful to walk. I went to the PCP, she suggested 2 weeks of rest. That helped a little. I called her back to get a script for PT. Geoff, my PT after surgery, is on vacation, so I saw Frankie. She suggested 6 more weeks of non-load bearing exercises such as cycling and swimming. She also stressed that running and Crossfit should be things that I avoid for the rest of my life.

I’m not sure if I was crying from the pain of PT or the blow of not being able to do the things I love. Yes, of course, I can cycle, swim, yoga, use the weight machines at the gym, and what ever else there is that’s not running or Crossfit. The reason I am upset is I finally decided to change my life and do things that most people 1/2 my age and 1/2 my weight won’t even try. I really enjoy the high-intensity, the feeling of accomplishment, the fact that I succeeded at something. Now I’m back to doing what I feel like are ‘old people exercises.’ How many calories did I burn running and Crossfitting? Many many many more in a short amount of time than I could ever dream of burning with my rear-end planted on a stationary bike seat. I don’t even know how to swim!!!

Ok, now that I’m talking about it, I’m getting myself upset again. The good thing is that I won’t just sit around and waste away. I’ll do the prescribed non-weight bearing strengthening exercises, take a cycle class once a week, cycle on my own, and buy some goggles so I can learn to swim. 


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