Day 132

I got a molar pulled today. Not the most ideal way to prevent eating, but it seems to be working. I probably should have eaten prior to the removal because now my stomach is sick from the pain meds. It’ll all work out. 

I bought a swim suit the other day. I’ve been looking for one for months in anticipation of my trip to Brazil in November. I finally took the plunge (lol) when Lane Bryant was having a clearance sale and the 2nd item was only $5. So, I got the top and bottom for around $40 with free shipping. I KNOW I won’t look like this in the suit, but I can picture myself in it. I bought the top 2 bra sizes smaller than I wear now – well, pro any just one size since I could honestly be wearing a different size now but I don’t see any reason to buy new bras yet. Anyway, I’m excited for the suit to come in the mail and see how far I am from it fitting. I still have about 120 days, so I’m confident it’ll fit. Oh, and the straps are changeable so it can be as pictures, uncrossed, or both over the same shoulder. 


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