Day 136

As I’m struggling to make it past the 50 pound mark, I’ve been going through my closet to purge clothes. I’ve been yo-yoing 5-10lbs for the 6 weeks; I just can’t seem to get back where I started and continue the momentum. I’m still at a point where many of my clothes are too big, including clothes I haven’t been able to wear in years. I dropped so many sizes so quick that my skinny clothes are too big. It’s a good thing, right? In the next few weeks I’ll be trying to wear everything once to say goodbye and then getting rid of stuff forever. There is an app where I can post clothes for sale, it seems easy so I’ll give it a try soon. Too bad I don’t have pics of me 48.1lbs ago in all my clothes, but I did find this one. In this pic I was about 30lbs heavier. 


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