Day 175

266.3 this morning. 37.7 total lost since day 1. I expected the gain so it wasn’t a surprise. Unfortunately, for the past 5 weeks, I kinda gave up. I wanted so badly to succeed and eat right, but I couldn’t. I wouldn’t. 13lbs up in 5 weeks doesn’t look like much, but I can sure feel the difference in the way I look and feel. 

Everyday I say ‘tomorrow is the day I begin’ then sabotage myself so starting tomorrow isn’t an option. Like buying junk food and having it at home or work. I also use excuses! I’m having lunch out on Friday so I might as well wait until Monday because I know I won’t eat right Friday and then it the weekend. You know the drill. Or at least I do… All too well. 

Yesterday was different. I woke up and threw away the cookies and pizza rather than eating them and agreeing with the enemy to start tomorrow. I wasn’t hungry until 4pm, my regular break time. I wasn’t constantly thinking about what to eat and where to get it. I felt so at peace. That’s not something I’m used to feeling. I just kept thanking God for the change in my brain and thanking Him for those who are praying for me. 

This pic is from last week. I found this suit at Target for $10. I couldn’t pass that up! 


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