Day 180

It’s day 7 back on the wagon. I did well today. Salad, chicken, fruit, avocado, yogurt, sunflower seeds, and roasted potatoes. ~1300 calories. I’m not hungry, but I don’t feel like I ate much today. I guess I ate too many high calorie options late in the day. 

Gotta get my rear back to the gym!!!! I love going, but I’m having trouble scheduling time. Note to self: make it a priority!!!! 

I got to talk to the bestie today!! Oh my goodness, his voice makes my heart happy. I cannot wait until I arrive in São Paulo and hug his neck. Our call started serious (I’m famous for freak-out drama) and ended almost 2 hours later with laughter. What would I do without a man who can quote scripture for every ‘issue’ I’m having?!? The good news is that I feel better, the bad news is that I have to deal with the issue in a Christ-like manor. Hmmm… I’d rather just ignore the issue and move on. We’ll see what happens. On a bright note, we’re spending 5 days at the beach! Come on November!! Now to read some articles about how to survive a red-eye long-haul flight. 


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