Day 186

These are my pants for the airplane. Soft, comfy, flowy, and cheap! 9.5 hours in the air deserves some great pants that aren’t jimjams but are just as nice. *sigh* the airplane. I’ve been thanking God for an empty seat next to me on the long-haul flights. I’m such at peace about it, I know He’s already reserved the empty seat for Himself. The blessing I receive will also bless the other person in my aisle! And, since He is the God of more than enough, I should be asking for a 1st class upgrade! No, not just asking, but thanking. Or should I? An empty seat is more than enough to make me happy and comfortable. I would rather have the empty seat than be disappointed with no empty seat and no upgrade. Is what I’m asking aligned with His Word? I don’t know! There’s no mention of airplanes in the Bible. And then there’s the fact that having someone in the seat next to me is a witness opportunity. Am I selfish that I’d rather be comfortable for 9.5 hours than sit on someone lap and share Jesus?

 Here’s a great answer from my BFF ‘The good thing about this situation is even Jesus found Himself in it. He looked at the cross, the possibilty of being truly separated from the Father for the first time in eternity, and He asked, “is there any other way we can do this?” We all have times where we know what we want, but we’re not exactly sure if it’s what God wants. You want an empty seat, Jesus wanted a plan B… but the end of His prayer, three times, was “not my will, but Yours be done.” Nothing wrong with telling God what we want, as long as our hearts and our ears are open to hear what HE wants.’ Thanks Hagos! 


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