Day 187

Before reading any further, please read this blog post about Anxiety.

I think this woman has been following me around for years. I could have written this article except it wouldn’t have been so coherent (or included any positive self affirmations); you know I sometimes can’t get my thoughts slowed down enough to express them. I type things then realize it makes no sense to anyone but me so I just delete it, cry some more, then try and move on. When people get close enough to see the ‘dark inside’ that contradicts with my outside sunniness, I think it scares most people away since I’ve heard ‘wow, I thought you were always happy’ and then never see them again. If I had a nickel for every time I’ve asked myself ‘what’s wrong with me,’ my piggy bank would have exploded. I’m so thankful you haven’t given up on me. 

Here are some great positive self affirmations from the linked blog… “One, you’re not alone. Two, don’t feel shame. Three, you will get through. Four, you are valuable and important and loved. Five, your emotions matter. Six, you are worth way more than I’m fine. Seven, you are a really great person. Eight, anxiety doesn’t define you. Nine, fear and worry are liars. Ten, you have this moment – it’s never too late to fight.” (Rachel,

One thought on “Day 187

  1. I feel the same way when I share my darkness with people, even a little. In my case, I’m the one distancing myself, assuming they won’t want me around once they know I’m not all PollyAnna like I try to be. Maybe that’s what you do, too?

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