Day 201

I spend Saturday and Sunday doing 10 loads of laundry to donate. It felt good to go through my closet and purge. Sunday afternoon Hagos and I were texting back and forth being silly about random things I could pack to take full advantage of my baggage allowance. Things like Tupperware, pink tinsel Christmas Tree, and a toaster oven were some ideas. I also included my ‘lucky’ goat foot that I bought from a market in México City 9 years ago. That got me seriously thinking about soul ties and that I should re-read Blessing or Curse by Derek Prince. Later in the evening I was listening to the Bible and heard 1 John 5:21 Little children, guard yourselves from idols. Wow, I really need to get rid of some things. When I went to bed, I listened to Tony Kemps message was last Wednesday at Cape First. He started talking about hoarders and that we need to let go of things from the past. Ok, ok, I get it! I just bagged up some things I’ve been holding on to for years that need to go. A deer antler, beer mug, goat foot, and some other things. Adios! 


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