Day 108

I haven’t been posting regularly because my weight has stayed in the same range for the past 10 weeks. I’ve decided to try and post more regularly and focus on mental, physical, and spiritual health than pounds gained or lost. 

Today was leg day. Had I been doing my physical therapy exercises for the past 10 months like I was supposed to, my knee wouldn’t be at 12 week post op strength. Since I had another mis-step 2 weeks ago that caused pain and swelling, I’ve decided, with the stern encouragement of my trainers, that I need to keep up with the quad exercises so I can run again one of these days. It may take a year, or longer, but I will do it. 

Notice in this pic that my right foot is higher than my left. That’s because my left leg is weak and doesn’t have the extension it should. Doing the VMO exercises will help with that. 

Some thing that makes me feel great is trying on clothes. I know that sizes range wildly so I focus on fit rather than the tag. Love this outfit but left with just the bottoms since all my bottoms are several sizes too big and I need some more pink in my life. 


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