Day 209

Oct 2nd is Custodian Appreciate Day! Today at work the teachers and staff had a luncheon to celebrate the ‘masters of clean’ in our school. I opted to go to the gym rather than get to work 3 hours early and eat. Why? Because I knew I’d just eat again when I got to work, more on break, and again at my lunch break. I didn’t do too terribly bad, but I could have done without the 2 cookies and a slice of cake. 

Luncheon days aside, this job creates a terrible food environment. Someone is always offering to share something and there is always junk just laying around screaming, ‘EAT ME.’ Most days I am able to resist and really not even think abou it. Other days I don’t do so well. 

I watched a YouTube video on the loseitlikelauren channel today. She is a food addict. In the video, she talks about wanting to try to be a vegan. She feels like cutting certain trigger foods out, like cheese, will help her overcome addiction. I see the point and I do agree; trigger foods are dangerous for the addict. What I don’t agree with is totally changing the way you eat. What I mean is, by giving yourself so many new limitations, you’re essentially causing yourself to become obsessed with food in a whole new way. I’ve been there. I know. All that being said, she is not vegan, and 8 months later, she is still in a daily struggle with food. I really feel upset that she has been struggling publicly with her weight loss journey for 8 years and aside from a 147+/- weight loss, doesn’t seem to have changed her brain or heart any. I’d love to meet her and give her a hug… oh, and tell her that she needs Jesus! I’m not perfect, but I can’t imagine where I’d be without Him. 

Today was upper-body day 1 plus sometime on the bike and a few laps. I got to he gym well after my 11:15am goal so Y&R was almost over and I got bored on the bike! Maybe I’ll get some core in this evening. Maybe. 


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