Day 211

This is me today post workout and post shower. I felt FAT all day! Yes, even before I ate 1000 calories of ‘skinny pop’ for dinner (now I’m feeling nauseous). I’ve been floating around the 40lbs lost mark for the past 10 weeks so I’m not sure why today was a feeling-fat kind of day. 

As you know, I struggle with food; quality and quantity. I was intrigued by a book titled ‘Brain over Binge’ so I downloaded the free preview from Amazon. In the few pages I read, the author is convinced that food addiction had absolutely nothing to do with emotions. Huh?? I’ve NEVER heard that before. After some crafty Googling, I found a blog post that sort of explains her theory further. We have a superior section of brain and an animal section of brain. The animal section is what tells us to binge eat, but our superior section is, well, superior which gives is the ability to shut down the animal part. My thought? I’d love her opinion that good addiction has nothing to do with emotions, but I don’t buy it. 

Am I using repressed emotional trauma as an excuse to binge eat? Sometimes, maybe. Kinda. I tell myself, ‘you’re not getting the help you need so any changes you make won’t be sustainable, so why even try.’ Really. That happens. A lot. 

Just a few thoughts before bed to sleep off the popcorn stomachache. 


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