Day 212

This trip to the gym, #8 in 2 weeks, earned me a hair cut and style for $9 at the local hair school!  My appointment is Tuesday morning, just in time to see the bestie for the first time in over a year. 

In case you haven’t realized it from my past posts, I have a serious issue with popcorn. ​tonight at work I dumped a huge bag of movie popcorn in the trash cart and poured dirt on it. 

It made me think – would it be better to just eat the popcorn to avoid other indulgences? I really wanted Chinese takeaway and pizza, but I didn’t. 

​I had soup (380) and ice cream (240) for dinner. Oh, and 2 cheese sticks (200) as a snack in the car between Schnuck’s and work. 820 calories! Seriously?!? When I got home I had salad with chicken (300) and 4 ounces of skinny pop (600). 1720 calories in a few hours plus what I’d eaten prior. Better than Chinese takeaway? Calories, yes. Satisfaction, no. 

No wonder I’m so fat! 

I will say, however, that I’m boggled at how I’ve managed to float at the same weight for the past 10 weeks with excessive bingeing and sporadic physical activity. 


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