Day 215

Most days I forget there are others ways to judge success other than the numbers on the scale. The numbers are and will always be important, but can no longer be my primary focus. 

The past 2 weeks I set small goals for myself and succeeded at both; no sugar for 1 week and 4 days a week in the gym for 2 weeks. I earned fuzzy socks and a haircut. 

This week I didn’t set any goals ahead of time. Not because I didn’t want to, but because it’s not part of my routine. I’ll set goals now: no popcorn for 7 days starting today and everyday for 7 days I must come up with at least one success that doesn’t involve the scale. 

Today’s successes? I resisted a table full of Little Debbie’s. And, 6 months ago these shorts were too tight to button, today, fresh out of the dryer, they’re slightly loose. I’ve owned them for 12+ years and can finally be comfortable wearing them. 


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