Day 217

Upper body day 2 at the gym and it’s only Wednesday! Go me! My secret? Young and the Restless is on at 11am. It’s why I get up and go. 30+ minutes on the stationary bike flies right by! If I had to get up and go strictly for the upper body or leg machines, I would probably stay home. Anyway it gets done is better than nothing. 

So, this happened today, too!!! Yes, that’s right, the BFF was in town today just long enough to hug me. Ok, he was here for about 24 hours, but I made sure that a Hag hug was number one priority. 

I know I said that the scale isn’t going to be a focus for me this week, and maybe for a while, however I have to get excited that I’m down 1.0lb this week. I used to not get excited about one measly pound, but I have to learn to see and appreciate the work that not eating and/or burning 3500 calories takes. Good job me! 

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