Day 219

Salad time! Lettuce with canned chicken is just disgusting so I wanted to try and step it up. Those pretty little bowl salads at the grocery store are $3-4 each and 230-350 calories, I feel guilty for both. I made my own at home for $1.33 and 200 calories. Lettuce, brown rice, quinoa, hemp seeds, dried cranberries, and olive oil Parmesan dressing. The hemp seeds are a great source of protein but they mostly just get stuck to the side of the bowl. Next time I’ll try pumpkin seeds instead since they’re bigger. It’s starting to get chilly out and that always causes me to want warm food. Not necessarily comfort food, but something besides a cold salad. I broke down and had a 380 calorie can of broccoli cheese soup for lunch. I am only justifying it because at least I didn’t have the 1000+ calorie Chic-fil-a dinner with too much sauce that I really wanted. 

Back at work there are these stupid cupcakes yelling at me to eat them. Nope. Not eating even one OR the peanut butter I think I deserve for ‘being good.’ 

My mind and emotions keep telling me that I ‘deserve’ to eat whatever I want today because I’m covering a shift for someone, it’s chilly outside, and I spent my lunch break volunteering at church. All great reasons to treat myself, but not with Taco Bell or Ben and Jerry’s. I’m going straight home after work where my options are protein powder, frozen veggies, and salad. Mmmm. Makes me want to blow the entire weekend… again… staring right now. 

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