Day 268

Have you ever had something change in your life that was so definitive that you can’t even begin to comprehend how you lived so long functioning prior to the change? And when people mention the way things used to be you think, ‘I don’t know who/what they’re talking about,’ and you go on assuming that everyone knows the change in you even though you’ve shared you’re experience with almost no one? Then there’s the disbelief I felt when someone brought up my life long struggle of self hatred and questioning God’s love for me. I don’t even know who that person is anymore and cannot comprehend that I ever felt that way. When I was baptized, my life changed. Completely. But I forget no one went under the water with me and no one came out with me. No one sees the stranger in the mirror that I see; a beautiful child of God that I long to finally get to know, understand, and love. I know there will be issues and feeling that I’ll want to slide back into for comfort or be caught off guard by, but they’re just opportunities to grow closer to Him. 

1 Peter 3:21 (NIRV) The water of the flood is a picture of the baptism that now saves you also. The baptism I’m talking about has nothing to do with removing dirt from your body. Instead, it promises God that you will keep a clear sense of what is right and wrong. Jesus Christ has saved you by rising from the dead.

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